Aamir Khan vs Hrithik Roshan vs Akshay Kumar on 15th August

Aamir Khan vs Hrithik Roshan

This year, 15th August may be the battle day for the Bollywood industry. Yes, Aamir Khan vs Hrithik Roshan vs Akshay Kumar. Actually, Aamir… who previously decided to release his movie Dangal on the Christmas eve.. now has decided to release on 15th of August. Let me tell you that 15th August is already booked for Akshay Kumar’s Rustam and Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro.

All Bollywood trend analysts are surprised.. as Aamir has given signs that he is going to elease his film 4 months earlier. Whole Bollywood calendar has shaken because of this big clash. We all know that Aamir is releasing his every movie only on Christmas since last 10 years. Now, why he has changed his mind,if Christmas weekend is already vacant.

However, many Bollywood analysts are also saying that nothing is going to happen like this. Because, Ashutosh Gwarikar’s Mohenjo Darao belongs to UTV Disney and also  Aamir Khan’s Dangal belongs to UTV Disney. So, they never release their two movies on the same day. If this is true, still a big clash is waiting for us… i.e Akshay’s Rustam and Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro. Akshay Kumar might be in tension because of this.

Well, Akshay’s last film Airlift did good on the Box office and earned 130 crores in the domestic market. Before Rustam, his Houseful 3 is also going to hit the bx office.

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