Actresses married before 18 but get divorced soon

Actresses married before 18

In our film Industry there are many celebrities who took their teenage love very seriously and got married so early. Most of these marriages are not successful.

With this package i am going to tell about some actresses from Hollywood and Bollywood, Who fell in love in teen age and got married…..


Marilyn Monroe:

Marilyn is one of the successful actresses of the Hollywood. She got married with James Doherty at the age of 15. And after only two years they took divorce.

Urwashi Dholakiya:

She is a big name in Indian Tv industry. She was the winner of Bigg Boss 6. There is a big twist in her personal life that in the age of 16 she got married and at the age of 17 She was mother of two children.

Elizabeth Taylor:

Beauty Queen of Hollywood Elizabeth Taylor fell in loe with Conrad Hilton and also got married at the age of 18. Conrad was a businessman. Like other teen age marriages, her marriage was also not successful and they divorced after only one year of marriage.

Divya Bharti:

Bollywood beauty ‘Divya Bharti’ had also fallen in love with Bollywood producer ‘Sajid Nadiadwala’ at the age of 18 and like other they also got married. After one year Divya got died and nobody knows how she died.

Drew Barrymore:

Beautiful and multitalented actress of Hollywood ‘Drew Barrymore’ also got married in teen age. She got married with ‘Thomas’ who was a Bar owner at the age of 19. She took divorce after one month after her marriage. Everyone was shocked after this divorce after only one month of relationship.

Dimple Kapadiya:

‘Bobby’ girl Dimple Kapadiya had achieved stardom very early and she got married with Bollywood Superstar ‘Rajesh Khanna’ at the age of 16 and at that time Rajesh Khanna was 31 years old. They had not taken the divorce but after some years of marriage they lived separately.

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