Airlift | Movie Preview | Box Office Collection

Airlift Box office collection

Actor : Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Feryna Wazheir

Director : Raja Krishna Menon

genre : Action thriller/drama

Release date : 22 January,2016

Airlift is an upcoming and very much anticipated movie of the Indian cinema. This film is based on evacuation of Indians during the Iraq – Kuwait war. Airlift movie mostly has been shot on the foreign locations. Director Raja Krishna Menon has tried his best to give the movie same look as this was in real during the war. However, many scenes shot in India too.

It’s being heard that Akshay Kumar has learnt Arabic language especially for this movie to give a real feel to audience. There are some very good action scenes in the movie. Direction is very good.

Coming to music of Airlift, It has really very nice music. Singers like Arjit Singh, K.K  and Ankit Tiwary has given their voice . Songs are really beautiful and pleasing.

Watch Trailer of Airlift

If we talk about the Airlift Box office collection , since movie is on a real incident.. it will definitely bring audience in theaters. With good story, nice direction and a start like Akshay Kumar.. we can expect 2016 is going to have a very good start with ‘Airlift’. Movie makers can expect very good collection on the Box Office.

Well.. countdown has begun for ‘Airlift’, just stay tuned for latest updates.



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