Aishwarya Rai again to sign a south movie

Aishwarya Rai is very keen for her come back and to start her second innings in the Bollywood..Recently she has signed a movie of Maniratnam in which she will work with South Superstars Mahesh Babu and again she is showing her interest in another South movie..

Aishwarya rai

Yes,South movie maker P.Vasu came to Aishwarya with a script..after hearing the script Aish was very much impressed with that and showing her interest for the movie…In his movie Aishwarya will have to play a role of Kalari fighter..and for his she has to under go very tough training of Kalari.

P.Vasu is the same person who made the movies like “Chandramukhi” and “China Thambi” so,he is a very experienced movie maker.

“Aishwarya is very much impressed with the project and she amy sign the movie..she will have to do some very tough training to play this role”,P. Vasu said.

Aishwarya herself suggested to make this movie in Tamil and Telugu as according to her this kind of concept will not work in Hindi Cinema.

Well,Two heroes will be in the movie and soon they will be announced.

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