Bajirao Mastani movie review

Bajirao Mastani movie review

Actors : Ranveer Singh, Deepka padukone, Priyanka Chopra

Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Genre :

Rating : *** 1/2

After 12 years of announcement , finally Sanjy Leela Bhansali is with his dream project. Yes, Bajirao Mastani is live now. Once, Bhansali wished to have Salman Khan and Aishwarya rai in this Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka has made his dream teue. Let’s have Bajirao Mastani movie review.


Movie depicts the story of 17’s . Truely depicts the story of a Maratha ing Bajairao Mallal ( Ranveer Singh ) who fell in love with daughter of his enemy kingdom King’s daughter Mastani ( Deepika padukone ). Afte that only story takes many turn.

Before meeting MAstani.. everything was going perfect in Bajirao’s life. He was living happy with his first wife Kashibai ( Priyanka Chopra ). Kashibai loves Bajirao very much. But, when Bajirao decided to marry Mastani, no one in his family supported him.

Here bajirao is Hindu and Mstani is a muslim girl. This also creates too much problem. Here is a turning point of the movie. Now, hat happens, had society accepted their love?? for all this you must watch Bajirao Mastani.


Need not to say, Ranveer Singh is a fabulous actor. Not only he played the role of Bajirao, seems he loved the life of Bajirao. After seeing Deepika’s acting, it comes to mind why she is the no. one Bollywood actress. If we talk about Priyanka.. this international star has truly justified the character of Bajirao’s first wife.

Is Bajirao Mastani watchable ??

Added on this, grat set, unbeatable music and best direction has made this movie a must watch movie. Mostly, persons who have interest in anicient Indian history, this is a recommended movie for them.


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Releasing with Dilwale.. It’s really tough to compete. But, definitely this type of movie has their own viewers. Definitely , Bajirao is going to have a good business.

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