Finding possible reasons of break up between Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne

Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne are separate now…everyone is aware about this news..But,one thing is still unknown..Reason

Exact reason is still unknown..but,everyone wanna know ..what happened exactly between Hrithik and Suzanne..I think other Bollywood celebrities must be aware of the exact reason.

Hrithik Suzanne

Here i am trying to find out the possible reasons of their break up and it’s a humble request to all the viewers that if they know something please mention in the comment section and your views awill be highly appreciated :

• Suzanne has an affair with someone..

  Hrithik has an affair with someone( It was in news that Hrithik had an affair with Barbara Mori during Kites)

  No understanding between them

•  There was a fight between Hrithik and Suzanne

•  Arjun Rampal is responsible for this break up

  Suzanne doesn’t love Hrithik now

We can’t say that Hrithik doesn’t love Suzanne as Hrithik has posted on his Facebook page that Suzanne is one and only love in his life..

May be all above stated reasons wrong…it’s up to you and your thinking.. So,please mention in comment section about your views on this high profile break up.