Hrithik Roshan can take divorce from Suzanne Roshan

Day by day relationship between Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne is becoming serious and it seems they will not together longer.

Actual reason is still unknown but it’s impact can be observed on the life of this loving and cute couple.Hrithik and Suzanne has two children and they will definitely suffer if their parents take some unexpected decision.

Hrithik with Madhuri

Why this 13 year old relationship is in danger ??

It’s not public yet..but,yeah problem in relationship came to public from the B’day party of Rakesh Roshan..when Suzanne was absent from the family event…She came at the middle of the party and left earlier.

Also,when Hrithik was going to US to cure his headache problem..Suzanne was not with her..these all things confirmed that nothing good between Hrithik and Suzanne.

It is also in news that Hrithik is searching a new house where he will live alone and Suzanne will remain in Roshan’s house.

Adding to this..Hrithik has also filed an divorce (Not confirmed).

Well,we can pray only for this cute couple to be together again.

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