kandil baloch murder case : Killed by his Brother

kandil baloch

Famous Pakistani model Kandil Baloch has been murdered by his own brother.

According to Dawn news , Kandil has given a petition to home minister 3 weeks ago that her life is in danger. She was getting continuous threatening calls and there was no any security at her house. Actually, she was getting all these threats from her brother only.

Kandil’s original name was Fauzia Azeem. but, to enter the modelling world she changed her name Kandil Baloch. According to police, she was being threatened by her family. Kandil’s family was pressurising her to leave the modelling world and also back out from social media.

Many celebrities have condemned this murder . Rakhi Saanwat said that I feel very bad from inside because daughter never gets any relief from anywhere. She said that Pakistani PM should learn from Indian Prie  minister Narendra Modi to save the daughter not to kill them.

Kandil had a very close relation with disputes because of her bold pics and her activities in the social media. She had thousands of followers and her news that she wanna marry  former cricketer Imran Khan really created a buzz in the media.

Well,we are just hoping police will soon catch Kandil’s murderer Brother.  God bless her soul 🙁

Watch Pakistani media on Kandil Baloch Murder :

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