Omg !! Karishma Kapoor married Sanjay Kapoor for money

karishma kapoor married

Business man Sanjay Kapoor and actress Karishma Kapoor married each other with a big bang in 2003.  But, it didn’t work well..  condition became such worse that this couple decided to break up with each other. Karishma came back to her family with her two children. After that..there were many news and rumors came that Karishma is trying to save her marriage. Same news also arrived from Sanjay’s side also. But, everything went in vain.

In 2015, they Karishma and Sanjay filed case for divorce in family court.. but, karishma  stepped back alleging that Sanjay is not fulfilling his financial commitment.  Now, again Sanjay filed a case in Bandra family court alleging Karishma that she married him only for money  and turned him away from his family.

According to an article in Mumbai mirror,Sanjay alleged that Karishma married him after breakup with Abhishek Bachchan. He also said that Karishma has failed to take the responsibility of Wife, daughter in law and mother. According to Sanjay, his father was dying and wanted to meet his grand children… but, Karishma didn’t let this happen. He died 6 months ago.

Let’s, see what steps to be taken now by Sanjay and Karishma in this high profile drama.

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