where is Ranjit Katyal now

where is Ranjit Katyal now

After having a great movie Airlift from Akshay Kumar, a question arises, who is Ranjit katKatyal and where is Ranjit Katyal now. Does anyone know about that brave guy who evacuated 1 lakh Indians from Kuwait?

Well, there is no any news about Ranjit Katyal. It is not confirmed that whether any person named Ranjit Katyal was even present at that time or not. According to the news, we are getting, this mission became successfully because of the great work of the ministry of foreign affairs. There was no any Ranjit Katyal involved in the show.

According to Jitendra Bhargava, a former executive of Air India, Air India flowed 500flights between Amman and Delhi on 13th August 1990 and 11th October 1990. He also said that no one has an idea about the person Ranjit Katyal. Javed Ahmed, a journalist who was in Kuwait for 35 years and has witnessed Gulf war very closely also denied the presence of any Ranjit Katyal.

Whatever, Akshay Kumar did very good in Airlift and movie also did great in the box office. Now, Akshay is ready with his another patriotic movie i.e Rustam. But, before this, you are going to watch him in Housefull 3.



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